Monday, September 22, 2014

Income & expenses - August 2014

My bike got stolen
I live in a big city. As I was cleaning my garage, I had to park the bike outside. Unfortunately I forgot to put the bike back in the garage after I finished my work. So the bike was kept outside for about a week. More than enough time for some douchebag to steal it. A costly and stupid mistake from my side.

Normal account income
€3099 Salary
€100 Loan payment
€25 Loan payment

Normal account - expenses
€1013 Rent + utility bills + state tax
€527 Groceries + personal hygiene + cash withdrawals (usually spent on  groceries as well)
€351 Gas + car insurance + state car tax
€295 New bike
€200 Fun money (going out dinner, theater, sports, etc.)
€99 Payment to a student loan
€93 Cable TV + mobile phone + fast internet access
€68 Medical insurance (covers full cost of any hospital visit for example)

I withdrew some more money than usual. This is why the 'groceries' are more expensive than usual.

Broker account - in & out
€800 - For a new investment opportunity

Savings account - in & out
€200 - Remaining money at normal account at salary pay day goes to savings account.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sorry to hear about the bike! At least you were able to sock away 1,000€ for the month! Looking forward to seeing how you invest the cash.

    1. Hi w2r,

      Yes, the rest of the month looked pretty good.
      Way better than September so far.. but more on that later :)

      Thanks for your comment!

      Best wishes, DfS

  2. I look forward to seeing what your future investment will be. Seems like your month was good overall. Sucks that some people have no respect for other people's property. Good luck on your future investments.

    1. Thanks for your constant attention DM. You're doing a great job following all these blogs. It's much appreciated. I'll tell more about these investments soon :)

      Have a great one. DfS

  3. Thanks for sharing your recent income/expense report with us. Too bad about the bike though. Everyone has some story similar to yours. Perils of big city life I guess. Still your numbers look good. It's always those nasty X-factor expenses that we never see coming that hurts. Here's to a brighter September!

    1. Hi DivHut,

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I have a sneak peak for you concerning September.. September was even worse..

      More about that later of course.

      So here's a shoutout for a brighter October instead! =)

      Best wishes, DfS