Thursday, January 7, 2016

Welcome to 2016! Let's set some goals

Dear readers,

Thank you for an amazing 2015. Back in 2014 I would not have believed I could have received 24.000 pageviews in just 1,5 year.

More suprising is the amount of dividend income I collected.

Last year I received over $400 in dividends, with my small investing portfolio. An amazing result, if you'd ask me. Especially if you compare this result to what my local bank would have provided in interest, during this very same period of time.

Thank you for being here.
Let's continue this success story in 2016!

Update on the goals

2015 was an easy year, as I had only 1 goal to reach. This year I'd like to challenge myself a little bit more!

#1 Post at least twice a month
Despite my hesitation to create longer posts, because of my minor knowledge of the English language, I would love to post at least twice a month in 2016. I consider this the least amount necessary to keep people interested.

#2 Reach at least 50 followers at Twitter
In order to inspire more people to start working on their financial future - even if they don't have a large stream of active income - I've started an account on Twitter.
Because to this, I met a lot of new interesting blogs and people, which is a very interesting side effect!

In 2016 I'd like to find at least 50 followers at Twitter.

#3 Gain some basic understanding of Wordpress
Last year, several bloggers switched from to a Wordpress website, hosted on an own domain. Even I experience some limitations concerning, but I do not have enough knowledge to switch yet. In 2016 I'd like to aqcuire some basic understanding of Wordpress to eventually make the switch as well.

#4 Hit the $100 dividend income per month mark
Although this goal is more fun oriented, it would feel good to hit this mark. After 2,5 years of consistent investing, I do think this should be possible to reach. I will be prepared for those triple digit dividends, that's for sure!

#5 Reach $850 in dividends
In total I'd like to set the goal to $850. A thousand seems too much, but according to my Dividend Meter (as part of my portfolio sheet), I'm currently at $676.57 for a complete year. At an average yield of 3.67% yield I have to add $4726 capital as soon as possible to reach this goal. Unfortunately, that's not possible, as I usually invest about $600~$700 per month.
Despite this fact, I do think this goal should be within reach, because of the growing nature of the dividends, as well as some bonusses I should receive in January and May.

Last, but not least, I hope you all will keep following me in this interesting and life changing journey!


  1. Congratulations on a great investing year! Keep up the good, hard work!

    1. Hey New Div Guy,

      Thanks very much! Good luck to you too.
      Do you plan to start a blog yourself?
      Welcome to the community if you happen to be new, as your name implies!

      Best wishes, DfS

  2. DFS,

    Nice job! Hey, there goes one post this month for January eh? Keep us updated with dividend income and your watch list and you'll hit your blog post goal in no time. It also then keeps you on your toes to buy stocks when you can. $850 will be reached!!!


    1. Hey Lanny,

      Thanks for your continued support!
      Looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming large purchases in 2016.

      Best wishes, DfS

  3. Hey DFS,

    Nice list of very achievable goals there my friend. I wish you the best of luck in 2016, let's get it together!


  4. One more follower down, 23 to go and its only Jan :)
    And on the language front, this post is perfect. Of course it goes without saying that your English is much better than my Dutch (although I did make a small attempt when I visited Rotterdam 5 or so years ago).