Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Recent sales and (not so) recent buy

Recently, I haven't been very active at the blog.
However, I did make some transactions!

In the USA and Canada your portfolio is protected by the SIPC and the CIPF, in case your broker goes broke. In The Netherlands, we do not have such a fund available, unfortunately.

This is the reason why I'm setting up another account, at a second broker. Just for safety reasons.
This broker required me to deposit a fairly large amount of money, so these sales are related to that fact.

Another reason for selling these stocks, is to reduce my stake in them.

Recent sell - WMT
At 5/20 I sold 8 shares of WMT for $70.10 a piece

10/26/2015 bought 13 shares for $58.29
2016 Dividends received - $11.92
5/20/2016 sold 8 shares for $70.10
Total profit $106.40

Recent sell - MCD
At 5/19 I sold 6 shares of MCD for $124.99 a piece

8/25/2014 bought 11 shares for $94.77
2014 Dividends received - $5.10
2015 Dividends received - $20.64
2016 Dividends received - $5.34
5/19/2016 sold 6 shares for $124.99
Total profit $212.14  

Recent buy - UNP
At 4/1 I bought 8 shares of UNP for $78.82 a piece

This railroad giant was on sale.

Besides that, you can't ignore a 25% average growth over the past 5 years, combined with a reasonable 2.5% yield and an aveage payout ratio of 41%.

Did you buy any stocks?
Seems to me, people are not investing at the moment!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. Needed the cash for opening a new account at a second broker :)
      And I wanted to decrease my stake in general retail.

      Thanks for your visit!

    2. Ohh I see now, I dunno how I missed that. That's a bummer that you have to go through broker diversity as well. You can't use an online broker like Ameritrade or Scottrade ?

    3. No problem, you read a lot probably :)

      It is a bummer, especially because this one is much more expensive. At my main broker you can trade for as little as $1 per transaction. This new broker charges $6.

      Most American based brokers require living there as well. Besides, Scottrade charges around $6 as well, right?

    4. You may wanna look in to https://www.interactivebrokers.com if you haven't yet. I don't have any experience with it though.

    5. Thanks! As a matter of fact, I choose Lynx (www.lynx.nl), it's the Dutch spinoff that uses IB's platform. It's a pretty complicated trading platform, but you can do anything you want over there.

      Thanks for your suggestion and continued support.

  2. Was going to ask why you sold these stocks but that question was answered haha. Either way I think you will get a nice re-entry point back into these stocks in the coming months if the market does pull back as many predict.

    1. That's exactly what I am thinking. In The Netherlands many, many retail companies had to close doors the last couple of months due to the Internet. Even large ones. None of them are anywhere close to the size of WMT or TGT though.

      We'll see what the future brings!

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I am from Holland as well, i use deGiro. Maybe you should look into them (they arent that expensive).

    1. Hey Mr MB,

      Thanks for your suggestion.
      As a matter of fact DeGiro is my main broker. Most of my portfolio (around $20k) is stored over there.

      However, because of their extremely low prices, they need other ways to cover their cost of operations. Some of these methods are pretty controversial. That's why I started a portfolio at a 'safer' broker.

      See Tweakers.net (Dutch forum) for more details.

      Thanks for your visit!

  4. Thanks for the heads-up, i will take a look at tweakers. Never looked there before about financial news/topics. Only to look into computers. :D

  5. Dear Dfs,

    Do you know that Dutch banks are covered by the "Depositogarantiestelsel"? Up to a 100.000 for each bank where you are a customer. You only have to take into account that the banks are not allowed to be sister companies, because then your money is only covered once.

    I use Binck as a broker. Binck also covers your stocks under the depositogarantiestelsel. I know they are not cheap, but it's easy to use and that's worth something.

    If you are afraid for bankruptcy, then that's maybe something for you to look into.