Monday, September 22, 2014

Income & expenses - August 2014

My bike got stolen
I live in a big city. As I was cleaning my garage, I had to park the bike outside. Unfortunately I forgot to put the bike back in the garage after I finished my work. So the bike was kept outside for about a week. More than enough time for some douchebag to steal it. A costly and stupid mistake from my side.

Normal account income
€3099 Salary
€100 Loan payment
€25 Loan payment

Normal account - expenses
€1013 Rent + utility bills + state tax
€527 Groceries + personal hygiene + cash withdrawals (usually spent on  groceries as well)
€351 Gas + car insurance + state car tax
€295 New bike
€200 Fun money (going out dinner, theater, sports, etc.)
€99 Payment to a student loan
€93 Cable TV + mobile phone + fast internet access
€68 Medical insurance (covers full cost of any hospital visit for example)

I withdrew some more money than usual. This is why the 'groceries' are more expensive than usual.

Broker account - in & out
€800 - For a new investment opportunity

Savings account - in & out
€200 - Remaining money at normal account at salary pay day goes to savings account.

Thanks for reading!