Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dividend Income - August 2014

My broker pays dividend at the ex-dividend date.

This means August 18th was a good day for me.
Both AFL and TGT called ex-dividend last Monday.

AFLAC Incorporated
AFLAC called $0.37 in dividend. As I have 19 shares, this earned me $7.03.

Target Corporation
Target called an amazing $0.52 in dividend. As I have 28 shares, this earned me $14.56.

This blogpost was published a little bit too fast.
Today, I received additional dividend from JNJ.

Johnson & Johnson
JNJ called $0.70 in dividend. As I have 16 shares, this earned me $11.20.

Total dividend for August: $32.79.

Below is a screenshot of my total dividend income for this year.

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  1. Say whaaaa? Whos your broker? Ive never heard that before...thats a pretty sweet deal if your broker is paying you your dividends on the ex-div date. Faster returns means you get to put that money to use/reinvest faster.

    Best wishes

    1. Ya, how does that work? You could just flip stocks the next day and collect the dividends over and over if you wanted. There must be something more to that. Weird.

    2. I third the question! That is a pretty sweet gig. There has to be a hold on the cash or some contingency, right?

    3. Thanks for your comments people.

      There is no catch. As a service, they pay it as soon as they can. I've even send them an email on the subject and they said it was correct and they claimed it to be an extra service.

      The broker is called DeGiro. (www.degiro.nl)

      This broker is Dutch and probably only accepts customers from The Netherlands and perhaps Belgium. They have been on the corporate market for about 3 years now, but they recently started accepting private customers as well.

      Their customer interface is extremely basic. No additional financial info at all. Just stock prices and some very basic short term graphs. You will have to find other sources if you need more in depth info. This is no problem for me tho, since there are so many blogs and financial websites around.

      I'm very happy with this extra service tho!

  2. Indeed, who is your broker?
    I am going to start soon as well with a DGI strategy, but havent chosen a broker yet.

    1. Thanks for your comment and good luck on the strategy!

      www.degiro.nl but only for Dutch or Belgium people.
      It is very cheap if you happen to be in one of those countries.

  3. That's a pretty sweet deal there. I wish the US brokers would do that. I can't believe there's one that pays the dividend on the ex-div and not waiting to get the cash/shares in hand before distribution. Hold on to that one.