Thursday, October 5, 2017

Dividend income - September 2017

Last year in September, my dividend income broke a record. It was the first 3-digit dividend month ever! That was a great feeling to be honest.

This years September broke another record! The biggest pay check I've received so far.. and it's a 35% increase compared to last year. Seems like the snowball is starting to grow, even for me as a very small investor.

September 2017 earned me a $152.31 in dividends.

Here's the breakdown.

Dividend income

JNJ - $13.44
TGT - $17.36
AFL - $8.17

CVX - $10.80
TROW - $6.84
QCOM - $8.55
WFC - $13.65
WMT - $2.55
ADM - $7.36
F - $6.75
BA - $11.36
VLO - $10.50
AMGN - $10.35
MSFT - $3.51
VTR - $16.28

Total: $152.31 (pre tax)
Net received: $129.46

Comparison with last year (gross)

September 2016: $113.61
September 2017: $152.31

This is a 34% YoY increase.

Thanks for reading.
How was your September?


  1. Its good to be breaking records,we both broke records this month,we have common AMGN,MSFT,ADM,WMT,WFC,VTR

  2. Congratulations on setting a new record for dividend income in September ! Good job and don't worry about the dollar value right now... over time, that will grow quickly with compounding. Take care and happy investing!

  3. Records are good and meant to be broken. Keep breaking them nice solid companies. Keep it up

  4. So amazing to read many of us breaking passive income records for the month. You have a lot of solid payers paying you in Sept. Keep buying and building that passive income stream!

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  7. HE DVS
    Ik zie niet of nauwelijks meer posts van je..
    Jammer want we gingen aardig gelijk op met de portefeuille.
    kan ik nog met je in contact komen door middel van email?
    waar kan ik een berichtje heen sturen.

    groet Willem