Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dividend income & raise July 2016

In contrary to June, July is a slow month. Not many companies pay their dividends.
Despite that, it was a good month compared to last year!

Dividend income

KO $14.70
GE $9.20
CSCO $5.46
BA $10.35

Total July: $39.71 (pre tax)
Net received: $33.75

Comparison with last year (gross)
July 2015: $22.73
July 2016: $39.71

This is a 175% YoY increase. I think I'm in love with this compounding strategy! It's amazing to see these results in just 12 months of steady investing.

Dividend raises

On July 14th, OHI increaseed their quarterly dividend from $0.58 to $0.60.
This is a 3.45% increase. Due to this change, my YOC is now at 7.17%.

That makes OHI my first position that is reaching the 10% YOC. Reaching 10% in 10 years is great, but if the company keeps raising dividends at this pace, we will reach 10% YOC in just 5 years!

Update on goals
My goal is to receive $750 in net dividends in 2016.
Time flies, as 2016 is already over for 58%. Only 5 months remain!

Net dividends received so far: $339.73, while it should have been $435.
I'm way behind and I'm a little bit concerned about this goal, but I will keep investing as good as I possibly can.

How was your July?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice job there DfS, doubling your income from last year! I'm way behind my this year's goal too, but I do what I can during the last months.
    BR, DL

    1. Hey DL, thanks for your comment!
      Hope we both catch up at the end of the year.

      Have a nice day!

  2. Some very good names paying you in July. As long as you can continue putting up those strong year over year gains you know you are headed in the right direction and your income will reflect that in real currency.

    1. Hey Divhut,

      Thanks for your supporting words!
      I'm very happy with the YoY results indeed.

      Best wishes, DfS

  3. Great job at doubling your dividend income! Keep it up.

    July is bad here also, but still, seeing that the dividend doubled, it's great. Do you specifically look to buy stocks in such a way that you get paid each month? Or do you just look at best value?

    1. Hi Pursuit 2 Freedom,

      Thanks for your visit!
      I'm just looking for best value. The exact month doesn't bother me too much. However, during these rough times, best value is hard to find!

      I'll continue my search however :)

      Best wishes, DfS

  4. DFS,

    Your YoY growth is awesome. Keep that up! Don't get concerned about achieving your goal. Setting it and pursuing it are what's important. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

    1. Hi PID,

      Thanks for your visit and kind words!
      We'll see what happens.

      Have a great day.

  5. Dfs,

    Just checking in...thanks for putting the link on my old site :) You are making steady progress. Keep it going!

    1. Hey Ken,

      Good to see you and still sad to see you leave.
      Hope you keep visiting the interesting blogs out there!

      Best wishes, DfS