Thursday, July 28, 2016

Recent sell - CAT

Today I sold my position in CAT.

One reason for this is the disappointing Q2 earnings report, which went public last Tuesday.
EPS down to $0.93, from $1.31 last year. Despite the bad news, the share price was very close to hitting the 52-week top value of $84.29.

Of course, bad news could also be a reason to buy more.
In this case however, the outlook for CAT does not look promising at all to me. Growth in China is halting and commodities are low. The company basically struggles with all their sectors.

Let's see what happened during my time as a shareholder of CAT.

08/09/15 - Bought 12 shares at $73.75 for $885.00
11/01/15 - Received $9.24 in dividends
02/01/16 - Received $9.24 in dividends
05/01/16 - Received $9.24 in dividends
08/01/16 - Yet to receive $9.24 in dividends
07/28/16 - Sold 12 shares at $83.45 for $1001.40
Net profit: $153.36 (17%)

Any thoughts?
Are you concerned about CAT's nearby future as well?

Thanks for reading!


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